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An asset manager of a large office REIT wants to reduce operating costs. Essentially, there are three approaches to pinpointing areas ripe for cost-savings: comparing performance against budget forecasts, against historical performance, or against a group average. The first two of these are straightforward enough. The third, making peer […]

There is a growing concern among professionals in the commercial real estate industry that we are nearing the end of the current market cycle. When rents soften in the market, it often falls to operations to deliver positive returns through expense reduction. In this article, we want to focus attention on the fact that finding ways to make even […]

Asset managers can increase portfolio value two ways: increase the cash flow to the properties or reduce operating expenses. When seeking to do the latter, the question becomes, “where can asset managers cut expenses?”

4 Acts of Kindness

You Choose. We Donate.

Because the goodwill of those we serve is a foundation of our success, each year we express our gratitude with our “4 Acts of Kindness” tradition.

Here at Waypoint we love the holidays. And we love energy efficiency. Logically, we also love combining the two. How convenient that the story of Chanukah includes a nod to gas efficiency!

With this year’s annual report on CRE Technology and Innovation, Altus set out to gauge the level of impact that modern technologies are achieving in the commercial real estate industry.

In an article published on Globestreet.com, Lisa Brown interviewed Waypoint CEO Diane Vrkic regarding the potential to increase CRE valuations still further through the adoption of technology. Here are a few highlights from the interview.

Talk to any commercial building engineer or property manager and they’ll tell you that they don’t need to spend on cutting edge technologies to capture huge energy efficiency savings at their building. By embracing simple operational efficiency strategies, commercial customers can decrease energy usage at little or no cost. Unlike single […]


This Energy Efficiency Day, we celebrated our love for energy efficiency at Waypoint by featuring a spotlight Q&A session with our Vice President of Utility Solutions, Emily Pearce. She expressed the history of her passion for energy efficiency, how it’s incorporated in her daily and professional lives, and how she sees it shaping the future. […]

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