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Getting to Know Waypoint

Waypoint is very proud of our talented and well-rounded staff. Our team members are both professionally and personally passionate about energy efficiency and the Waypoint team works as a close-knit group to tackle one of the biggest challenges facing the world today.

At Waypoint, we don’t think about our work as simply reducing energy consumption to save money; we’re completely changing the way in which we view energy use in buildings. Because of this, Waypoint team members are challenged to bring the very best in leadership, imagination, and quality to everything we do.

To become more familiar with our staff and thereby our Company, we encourage you to visit our staff page and learn more about our team members. You can check out Marta’s bio where you’ll learn that she leads our energy efficiency efforts with the U.S. Department of Energy. Or, take a look at Peter who is our Product Manager and gathers client feedback and incorporates this into our software development designs and requirements.

While we are extremely committed to our mission, we do like to have fun outside of the office as well. When we aren’t tackling energy efficiency, you can find our team members backpacking, surfing, playing the oboe, cycling, hiking, dancing, skiing, running marathons, snowboarding, rock climbing, wine tasting, and brewing craft beer.

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