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Helping CRE Industry Collect and Use Data Better, Interview with Bisnow

Helping CRE Industry Collect

Property information is becoming easier to find now that new platforms that make data more accessible. In this interview by Julie Littman of Bisnow, Diane Vrkic discusses how CRE technology like Waypoint is becoming an essential tool for addressing the real pain points experienced by the asset management community.

In the interview, Diane shares that Waypoint was founded to address a need that she herself saw in the CRE industry for better ways to gather and share the information needed to identify financial opportunities. By creating technology that would improve the flow of information, she knew that would help investors open up an enormous amount of unrealized value.

Waypoint works by integrating information that is normally locked away in different systems. This allows clients to get a more comprehensive look at their portfolios and how every property is contributing to performance. 

Connecting data sets together in this way is beneficial for all aspects of CRE asset management. It gives a clear view of every building in the portfolio, to know how each are doing in relation to their local market, to the overall portfolio, and to original forecasts. This means that a head of asset management is able to devote more time to making strategic decisions about how to optimize performance and spend less time on the grind of building spreadsheets just to see the data.

As Diane puts it in the article:

“Just taking away all the time and effort understanding performance and calling and looking for stats and trying to understand how the building is performing. Taking away all the pain, we are decreasing what, in some ways, is low-value work for these individuals. Taking away a lot of the pain associated with their jobs by doing that with more time and the right areas to focus on building level and driving more value creation, whether it’s by ensuring tenants are satisfied, decreasing expenses based upon opportunities identified in portfolio, and a number of other different ways.”

Read more of Julie Littman’s interview with Diane Vrkic here at Bisnow.
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