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2017 Four Acts of Kindness

December 22, 2017 Read More

Highlights from Altus Group 2017 CRE Innovation Survey

With this year’s annual report on CRE Technology and Innovation, Altus set out to gauge the level of impact that modern technologies are achieving...

July 3, 2018 Read More Interview with Waypoint CEO Diane Vrkic

In an article published on, Lisa Brown interviewed Waypoint CEO Diane Vrkic regarding the potential to increase CRE valuations...

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Thanksgiving wishes


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The Time is Now (Infographic)


November 8, 2017 Read More

Helping CRE Industry Collect and Use Data Better, Interview with Bisnow

Property information is becoming easier to find now that new platforms that make data more accessible. In this interview by Julie Littman of Bisnow

November 7, 2017 Read More