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Spotlight: The Waypoint Client Success Team

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Meet the people who help our clients get immediate and ongoing value from our technology

Waypoint’s software platform is a dynamic solution for commercial real estate professionals that provides insight into the financial performance of their assets, improves team collaboration, and uncovers opportunities for increased NOI across their portfolios. To ensure that our solution delivers immediate and ongoing value, Waypoint’s Client Success team is dedicated exclusively to being a knowledgeable point of contact for all our clients. In this article, Brian Wong, Head of Client Success at Waypoint and the rest of his team share their approach to client onboarding and support.

First: Getting to Know Your Business Strategy

When you sign up for Waypoint, the Client Success team acts as your trusted advisor through the onboarding process. Their first goal is to fully understand your unique business objectives and goals. Brian elaborates, “When we kick off with a new client, we ask them to describe the goals they have as a business and discuss how they envision Waypoint fitting into their strategy to achieve those objectives. It’s extremely important for us not only to understand ‘what’ our clients want to achieve but also ‘why’ those outcomes are critical to their business in order to develop an appropriate experience for them.” Client Success will often meet with you onsite at your office to establish the foundation for a seamless partnership. By doing so, the team can tailor both the onboarding process and ongoing support to your specific needs.

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At Waypoint, we pride ourselves on an efficient onboarding methodology that requires minimal time and effort from our clients. The Client Success team is responsible for overseeing the entire onboarding process from start to finish. As your main point of contact, the team helps all users get up to speed as soon as possible, making sure to address any questions you may have. “We take great care up front to ensure we understand the goals our clients want to achieve,” says Natasha Watts, Client Success Manager. “Then, we craft a strategic onboarding and adoption plan to put our clients on a path towards achieving those goals.”

After reviewing your key milestones and timeline with you, Client Success works to accurately map your account data onto the platform. Tyler Wallace, Data Analyst, elaborates, “The #1 goal of our data integration process is to make sure our clients’ data is accurate on the platform. Data integrity is our highest priority, and we want our clients to trust every number they see on Waypoint. At the beginning of our onboarding process, we run client data through multiple sets of quality checks and highlight any outliers or missing pieces of data to the client. In this way, we quickly resolve any data quality issues and get a better understanding of our client’s portfolio, accounting systems, and history.”

Getting the Most Out of the Platform

We know learning a new software takes time, and with all the valuable features available on Waypoint’s platform, we don’t leave you to figure out all the functionalities on your own.  “We give live training sessions for our clients before they even use the platform, so they are fully comfortable with the features relevant to them before they even log in,” says Natasha. “This way when you receive your login, you are ready to use the platform to find value and increase savings.”

The CS team will typically hold a monthly call with you to track your progress and ensure you are on a path towards quantifiable value. Whether at these check-ins or any time you require additional clarification or assistance, the CS team is your dedicated resource. Laura Suttie, Client Success Associate says, “We want our Clients to know that at the end of our platform is a real person working to drive value in your portfolio.” In addition to training and support for features built into the platform, the Client Success team is also on hand to help customize reports tailored to your business needs.

Focused on Achieving Results

“At the end of the day, our most successful clients want to invest in solutions that will help them operate their business more effectively,” says Brian. “Our clients are often looking for easier ways to identify outliers in their portfolio so they can improve NOI and asset value for their investors. Many are also interested in automating the existing processes they have in place for reporting on their asset performance and for evaluating potential acquisitions. These are outcomes that relate directly to dollar savings, time savings, and higher returns.”

Waypoint seeks to work with each client to find ways to improve efficiency and increase savings. Brian and the entire Client Success team work diligently to help you find ways to improve efficiency and increase savings. We strongly believe that promoting operational improvements leads to improved NOI. As Brian always says, “If our clients kick ass, we will too.”

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