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Waypoint Building Group: Our Story

Every company has a story for why they were started, what they hoped to accomplish and how they got from there to today. For Waypoint, our story begins and carries on today in fundamentally transforming the commercial real estate (CRE) industry. Founded in 2009 with a focus on driving energy efficiency savings within the built environment, Waypoint has grown, expanded and increased its breadth in ways that allow us to accelerate commercial building intelligence in ways we could have never imagined when we started.

Throughout the past eight years, our focus on transforming the CRE industry has manifested itself in multiple ways. Our original goal was to help utilities and CRE properties better understand their portfolios in order to drive energy efficiency in those properties, helping utilities meet their energy reduction targets while saving property owners and tenants on their costs. We continue to excel in this area and Waypoint’s team has been providing the program design and implementation services to support this goal ever since. Through our innovative and ground-breaking Utility Connect Program for example, we have been able to benchmark and audit hundreds of properties covering tens of millions of square feet to help utilities and building owners and tenants save millions of kilowatt hours and dollars on annual energy costs. Waypoint's original services also include support for the U.S. Department of Energy on many of their energy efficiency technology campaigns, and working directly with building owners to help them reduce energy at their properties.

Several years after our inception, we realized that at Waypoint we weren’t content on stopping at transforming solely the energy component of the CRE industry. It became evident that in addition to a lack of understanding of energy use, the CRE industry lacks insight into their operating expenses as well. To help CRE owners understand how their buildings are performing financially, we launched a unique financial benchmarking and expense optimization platform that empowers CRE decision makers with local market expense intelligence from the most trusted source in data: Waypoint. By leveraging our database of actual building financial costs, Waypoint’s Platform has set the gold standard for data, providing personalized peer group benchmarks and actionable analytics. Our Platform supplies asset managers, property managers, acquisition teams, senior executives, leasing teams and disposition teams with never before seen insight into how their properties are performing compared to the market.

With Waypoint’s combination of Utility Energy Services and Financial Benchmarking Platform, we continue to work to achieve our goal of transforming the way in which the CRE industry performs. There’s nobody better at explaining our story than our Founder and CEO, Diane Vrkic. See below for a brief video of Diane explaining the creation of Waypoint and our exclusive partnership with BOMA International to empower the CRE industry at the Eisner Amper Real Estate Private Equity Summit from this past September in New York City.

At Waypoint, we continue to grow and expand our work to support the CRE and utility industries. By continuing to drive value for our clients, partners, and the industry at large, we are reliable in meeting our goal of transforming the CRE industry and accelerating commercial building intelligence. Our story is just getting started and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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