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Earth Day is an opportunity to reflect on our impact on the planet and what each of us can do to address our greatest sustainability challenges head on. At Waypoint, we confront the challenge of driving energy savings in commercial buildings each and every day. Our efforts range from market engagement for government-funded programs to financial benchmarking for commercial real estate professionals. We’re proud of our achievements in improving efficiency across the US:

Waypoint’s programs alone have directly resulted in over

light bulb                                                                                    gas

15 million kWh electricity saved                                                    21 thousand therms saved


This translates to over

CO2                                                                                     coal

11 thousand metric tons CO2e avoided                                       113 million pounds of coal not burned

homes                                                                                    cars

    22 thousand passenger vehicles off the road for one year              16 thousand homes' electricity use for one year


Even with these results, we’re not satisfied with our accomplishments and realize our work is far from done. This year, with Federal efficiency programs under attack, the stakes have never been higher as we continue to improve commercial building performance.

The President’s 2018 budget proposal would slash funding for the Department of Energy (DOE) by $1.7 billion—or 5.6 percent—and would eliminate funding for the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy entirely. The budget would also cut the DOE’s ENERGY STAR program, which has saved consumers and businesses $34 billion in electricity costs and prevented more than 300 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions in one year. Waypoint has seen the value that ENERGY STAR creates for building owners and managers who use the Portfolio Manager tool to benchmark and track energy use at their buildings. These insights enable them to identify strategies to improve their energy performance—and boost the asset value—of their properties. The proposed cuts threaten to slow consistently strong improvements in energy efficiency nationwide and are at odds with widespread state support for local energy benchmarking ordinances, which rely on ENERGY STAR.

Waypoint has seen firsthand how building owners can leverage programs like ENERGY STAR to improve tenant satisfaction, reduce their carbon footprint, and gain a competitive edge in real estate markets. This Earth Day, we cannot stand by as decades of efficiency progress comes under threat. If you also understand the value of ENERGY STAR and other federal energy efficiency programs, join Waypoint in calling for renewed funding for critical government-funded efficiency programs and continued progress toward a clean energy future.

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